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So who is this SuZanna Anna chick anyway? To start with the basics, I am originally from NYC but have been living in Las Vegas since 2003. For over 10 years now I have worked professionally as an artist and designer in some way, shape or form. It began with web design and computer graphics but after about 5 years of that I really got tired of being in front of a computer screen 10-15 hours a day so I started to search for something I could really be passionate about.

I have always had a huge passion for mid century design and was a fanatic for late 60's mod fashion. Words can not express how much I love the stuff. So in 2002 I decided to launch a line of 60's inspired painted handbags called SuZanna Anna & The Fun Bag Factory. Here is a photo of a couple but dont fall in love with them please cause in 2005 I decided I was spreading myself a little to thin and official shut down the "Fun Bag Factory".

So what was I spreading myself to thin with? Well thanks for asking. In 2004 I decided that gravel art needed to make a come back. I have sold many of these one of a kinds on ebay and in 2005 I did a gravel art segment on HGTV's "Thats Clever". For more on the gravel art check out

In 2006 I decided I needed another change and decided that I really wanted to further explore what I can do art that didnt involve a bottle of elmhers glue. As you can see from the galleries on this site the answer to that would be quite a lot. I am now working in many different mediums and hope to continue to explore some new ones.